Art at Park Towne

Park Towne Place is pleased to provide a robust art program including rotational exhibits accompanied by engaging public events at our mid-century modern complex. The temporary exhibits complement the permanent collection of more than 150 artworks from over 110 artists. Art can be seen and experienced throughout the four towers, The Hadley restaurant, and the grounds of the property listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

Park Towne Place’s art program, the winner of the 2018 Multi-Family Executive Award for Best Amenity, is located on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, home to Philadelphia’s most treasured museums and cultural institutions.

You Are Here

June 04 - October 01, 2022

Featuring: Paul Fabozzi, Jennifer Johnson, Colleen Keefe, Deidre Murphy, Mia Rosenthal, Maria R. Schneider, Miriam Singer


From studying the buildings we populate, to the bodies we inhabit, to how we navigate the world at large, You Are Here explores themes of mapping and placemaking. In this exhibition, a group of seven artists take on various approaches to these themes to examine the places where we live, work, and play as a way to gain insight into our collective needs and aspirations.

Park Towne Place - You Are Here Exhibition - Colorful Artwork
Park Towne Place - You Are Here Exhibition - Colorful Artwork
Park Towne Place - You Are Here Exhibition - Colorful Artwork
Park Towne Place - You Are Here Exhibition - Colorful Artwork



Rotational Exhibits

Each year, Park Towne Place hosts rotational exhibits, each with its own unique theme and featured artwork.

Permanent Collection

The goal of Park Towne’s permanent collection is to be interesting and vibrant. Each piece was carefully selected from among hundreds of submissions by local, national and international artists and includes site specific commissioned pieces.

One of Our Previous Exhibitions: The Shape of Tomorrow

The Shape of Tomorrow highlights the work of five artists, all of whom’s work utilizes color and form to offer the viewer a chance to escape into abstract other-worlds. Throughout the galleries, the work of Charles Emlen, Greg Kelly, Tremain Smith, Larry Spaid, and John Howell White take unabashed joy in their included forms and color pallets to provoke the visual senses of the viewers.

Experience the exhibit and hear directly from the artists in our virtual video tour.

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